Saturday, 15 May 2021

Rapid Fire! France 1940 in 20mm - The missing AMR33 Renault VM for the DLC

The French forces are under fire from the German artillery at the village of Maison Gris. One of the AMR33 is already taken out with its crew still dazzled from the sudden attack. 

This is another group of Resin 3D prints from my friend Mário Laranja in 1/72nd scale and its also another sad moment as I complete all vehicles necessary for the French Blitzkrieg Battlegroups. Well, at least I can game with them and somehow make them useful :)

Originally this AMR33 was a misprint and with a bit of foam for the smoke and two CP crewmen it can be an objective marker. 

This group will belong to the 5e DLC. In fact the division had around 25 of these small and easily broken tankettes so two of them are extras in RF! terms. They are only two parts - hull and turret - and have an incredible detail.

The crew figures came from MBM (Mark Brown Models) from the Netherlands and are Retrokit and CP Models. 

The command vehicle got an antenna and is ready to lead... slowly, as these old small tanks had the tendency to fall apart if roughly handed. 

The Latil M7 was another missing vehicle in my collection. It is made of two parts - car and steering wheel - with even the gear box firmly attached to the body of the car. 

I painted them with infantry yellow rectangles thinking specifically of the DIM. 

One last CV11 for another artillery OP team.

Next: whether another video on more  German units of the 86.Armeekorps or some PzIII for mid-war. 


  1. Once again these 3D printed vehicles come up really well once painted. Great camouflage as you have discussed above.
    Regards, James

    1. Thanks James. Resin prints are far better than PLA both in detail and printing lines.

  2. Those are great once again and love the use of the misprinted vehicle:)

  3. Thanks Steve. It was really a happy misprint.

  4. Nicely painted, João,

    Regards, Chris.

  5. Thanks Chris. These ones are so detailed that painting them becomes easy.