Friday 10 March 2023

An early Napoleonic Spanish Army for AOE/ V&F rules and in 20mm size

This one has decades. It started to be built in the late 80s when there were no plastic Spanish in 20mm. So, plenty of AWI Airfix and Esci Prussians were converted as the basis along all available Esci cavalry sets. Only recently a few Italeri and Hat were added. In fact nowadays this kind of work mostly useless, particularly for the infantry, as both Emhar and Hat released several sets that makes a much better job.

And here is the better YouTube version:


  1. That is a brilliant looking army. Wonderful use of figures available at the time. I really like seeing such conversions and 'making do' and find it inspiring!
    Regards, James

    1. Thanks James. Fortunately this kind of modelling is no longer necessary as all these units exist in much better way in newer plastic brands. Even so, brexit and the war in ukraine made much of this new stuff more complicated to get and many times I´m forced to be back to converting.