Friday 9 June 2023

Borodino 1812 (part 2): The Russian High Command Stands for AOE in 20mm

Some 20 years ago I found in a local shop, nonexistent nowadays as many of its kind, the StreletsR box of Russian and Prussian chiefs of staff in that old style of them of 48 different figures. As the project of late Prussians in 20mm was replaced by the same in 28mm, all figures - Russian and Prussian - are going to be useful as Borodino Russians. In fact a few of them, with minimal conversions were already recruited for the French Armée du Portugal. 

Here you can see Kutusov itself, close to the famous drum (on the other side of the ridge Napoleon is also resting his left leg on a drum at least according to the famous portrait of Vasily Vereshchagin). To his right I used the model of the Tsar Alexander I itself, which wasn´t at the battle but had to be used somewhere. To the left of Kutusov I used other figures from the box including the Prussian General Von Wartenburg. All figures are StreletsR with a Revell horse and Esci horse holder (that figure that Esci loved of a bayonetting infantryman). 

Now the stands of the 1st Army of the West (right, Barclay de Tolly) and 2nd Army of the West (left, Bagration). The bases are progressively smaller and with less figures from the Kutusov stand to the divisional commander's stands. The Bagration stand is all StreletsR again with Revell and and Esci  horse holder. Barclay de Tolly´s stand is Italeri with cavalry General Depreradovich to the far right. The Italeri Russian and Austrian staff is a true pity; only six figures are original and the rest are Austrian infantrymen and Pavlov Grenadiers from already existing references. 

These Corps command stands are generic and you can see both on left and right the Revell Prussian officer on horse converted with a large bicorne. The two cossacks from the right represent a wounded dispatch rider delivering its message. 


As some heads were already gone some bicornes had to be scratchbuilt. The staff officer to the left is the gigantic Italeri late Prussian. 

The divisional command stands will have to be some twenty and this one is a taster made from the Revell late Prussians.

Along side these stands another fantastic farm from Mário Laranja was painted. 

Once again it tends to be generic but with the Napoleonic wars in mind. Everything is card strengthened with liquid cyanocrylate, less the tree which belonged to my dear father´s HO train collection. 

Next: more Borodino Russians, first artillery and then cavalry. 


  1. Wonderful work as always JP:).

  2. Good post as always!Are you going to upload more Ukraine war/20th century wars content ?

    1. Thanks. Yes I keep following this war very closely and ammassing plenty of stuff. I have a full brigade or maybe more of Ukrainians to show in the near future. My problem as been on finding the correct markings and camouflages for the western supplied material but with the Ukrainian counteroffensive on full development plenty of visual information is coming out.