Wednesday, 12 December 2012

AOE 20mm- 71st British Highlanders- Battle of Vimeiro 1808

This is one of the nice regiments that can be made for the Peninsula War.  The figures had to be made from Scottish heads (ESCI and Italeri) and british bodies (Esci and Revell). The bond is achieved by that miracle all plastic glue (glue+primer).

The mounted officer is the old Airfix figure on a Waterloo1815 horse.

 Here and there there is a fifth figure in the stand to make up aproximately similar numbers as in the french stands (which have six figures).

There is also the mounted Scottish Officer from the Airfix box.

There are two kinds of flocking in the bases. Like this I think the figures "ground" gets more authentic and alive.

The flags are printed from the nice Warflag site.




  1. Very well done!

  2. Porque raio é que todas fotos não ficaram com a mesma boa definição da segunda, carago?