Thursday, 10 April 2014

Impetus, 20mm - Mohács 1526 - part 2, Household Sipahis

Lucky toys Household Sipahis this time.

These Lucky Toys miniatures are just great: well detailed and a very good reconstitution of an Osprey plate of its Ottoman army book.

But only two figures for the cavalry in a box that mixes infantry and cavalry which is a solution that always creates few poses.
So all horses and figures were bended slightly into different positions with the help of hot water. 

The maces and swords of all cavalrymen were taken out, the hands were drilled and a lance was placed.

Also some quivers were made out of Evergreen as only one of the poses had it.

The flags are the ones I made for my self and that you can print from some posts ago. 

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