Sunday, 27 April 2014

Rapid Fire! 20mm, D-Day/ Normandy 44, Airfix S-7 Schnellboot

This 1975 model is a fine example of what drove thousands of modellers into our hobby: a very complete and detailed kit representing a famous weapon of WWII.
Not bad for such a 40 YO model. I read that some of details are not accurate but what the heck it looks great when finished!

Of course it has his drawbacks, namely if compared with the newer S-100 from Revell, like many flimsy parts that will self destroy if used, specially, for Wargaming.

But overall a great kit, well detailed, with some excellent crew models and it really looks like the real thing. 

The rigging is thin cord from a sewing kit.

Like many Airfix kits the underwater part is separate which allows the model to be portrayed in a wargames base. 

As always everything is paintbrush. The base is a piece of balsa wood textured with silycone.

I may have rusted it too much wanting to portray an old Schnellboot (model S-7) on D-Day times.

The crew is the native 5 crew from Airfix plus several Esci and Preiser crewmen painted as seamen. 


  1. Excelente. Muito realista.

  2. This is the kind of model that you should offer to your friends, on their birthday...

    By the way, did I mention that my birthday is coming up???