Saturday, 16 January 2016

American War of Independence - Will McNally's rules - Hessian Artillery painted.

The Hessian artillery in America consisted apparently of 4 pdr guns of Swedish origin and the Revell artillery is a close match. The figures are in my opinion some of the best ever and in order to have Hessians I just placed a pom-pom in the tricorne and used a paint job that somehow showed lapels in the coats.

The wheels were also glued two milimeters or so apart from the carriage.

- Herr capitan... can we stay here after zee war?

- Hmm... Ok, it's better, we may be ruled in zee future by an Austrian who vill kill us all or by a voman ...

- Ja! Vitch is zee worse?...

The horse holders should be civilians and are conversions from figures holding ramrods and spikes.

You can see the previous post for the carriage making based on the Airfix Napoleonic French artillery.


  1. JP, they have turned out splendidly

  2. Thanks Will. I'm starting artillery for British and Americans using the same figures.

  3. Concordo plenamente com o Will. Ficaram muito Fixes. O que é que se segue.


    1. Mais artilharia inglesa e americana pintada.