Saturday, 15 October 2016

Rapid Fire! Gulf wars in 1/72nd scale - Iraqi rocket brigade

With this post starts the presentation of my Gulf Wars ground armies. I have the full Iraqi 3rd Armoured Saladin division, the 5th Mechanized division and  many Qatari, Saudi, US and British  battalion sized units to show you. I'm in the process of basing the tanks for Rapid Fire! but basing is all they need so I hope to speed up the posts to keep your nails and hart safe...

A Frog-7 battalion is parked while the even more famous Scud-B passes guided by a communications Zil-157.

The Zil is an ICM plastic model. The Scud-B is a resin ARMO model. The Frog-7 are conversions from the Uragans of the last post.

The ARMO model is a beauty. The amount of parts and detail forces you to use a careful painting. The figures standing by are ordinary command sections I'll show you when posting the Iraqi infantry.

And here it is the Frog-7 with the famous red triangle of the Republican guard. All vehicles were painted Vallejo Iraqi sand. The missiles on the Frog-7 were painted buff as they appear to be in a different color I saw in photos of captured vehicles. 


  1. That is seriously impressive stuff.!! Excellent.- My ow Gulf War armies are in 15mm- thogh not as large- in numbers as yours. We use Command Decion- Combined arms as our ruleset
    Once again - imprssive. Really nice !

  2. I got distracted again this time with Blitzkrieg but I'll get to gulf wars soon.

  3. Very impressive collection. Hate to think of their range on the table top.



  4. Yes, the range is better from one table top... to another table top.