Saturday, 29 October 2016

Rapid Fire! Blitzkrieg in 20mm - Some German fresh units for 3rd Leichte division

Recently on a visit to ModelScala in Montijo I grabbed a nice group of Polish vehicles from First To Fight and a few more boxes of Polish Hat infantry.

Blitzkrieg showed again on my head. But, as in history, Germans raced ahead.

I had some of these models built years ago while others were gifts from friends with some painted and others not. In order to come back to Blitzkrieg it was easier to start with the Germans as they were half done than start with the Poles who are still in the boxes.

This is the old Esci Sdkfz 251 command version with some added side antennae and  PSC and Preiser figures.

Fujimi's 38t with a Esci commander and added Evergreen sturdy, extra thick and thus unbreakable aerials. I'm not pleased to show you the Nazi flag but it's just for historical accuracy.

The Atlantic BMW side-car is an old and big gem. A few years ago I offered a few to some motorbike lovers but I started to regret it immediately (and now more than ever!).

The Matchbox Sdkfz 261 6-Rad has the Polish campaign white crosses. If you noticed the 38t's have the 1940 crosses while the 251's have the open white crosses also in use during the last weeks of the Polish campaigns as the Polish 37mm Bofors were having a nice way not to miss the target. Not so much for accuracy of a specific campaign, I know.

The artillerymen of the Pak 36 came from Esci, Airfix and Fujimi while the Pak's themselves came from Matchbox and Fujimi.

Matchbox again this time with the Krupp Kfz. 69. For the camouflage of this group I used Vallejo German Grey with blotches of Citadel Mourfang Brown. Recent publications insist on the Brown camouflage and I'm happy for that as the Germans get some extra colour.