Saturday, 10 March 2018

Rapid Fire! France 1940 in 20mm - A few more bits.

Just a few more AFV's I just finished for the French 1940. The UE carrier and trailer are Lancer Miniatures and simplicity in itself, The Hotchkiss 38 from S-Models are very easy to assemble even if they have some photo-etched parts and finally the W-15T-CC from Ace, a true nightmare to build with dozens of avoidable small parts in order to have in the end a relatively simple vehicle.

I made this H-38 a command vehicle with Skytrex figure and scratchbuilt antenna.

The other H-38 had the shorter 37mm gun and a differently painted turret as it happened so often with Franch tanks due to different manufacture and repair places.

The W-15T-CC has a crew with a driver from Skytrex and gunners from converted Matchbox French infantry that comes with the Char B1bis.

Ace could be more Wargamer-friendly and make simpler models... I think most of the brands still didn't understand that their biggest buyers are in fact wargamers.

The UE carrier has some extras on its trailer but the rest is as it came.

Next: Probably the new PzIII A from IBG.


  1. kNICE frOG mATERIAL. -:)

  2. Very nicely modelled and painted vehicles and tanks. Really like the look of your Rapid Fire armies.

  3. Thanks Peter. This year I started to use glasses...:)

  4. "...their biggest buyers are in fact wargamers" Never a truer word spoken João.

    Great looking vehicles.

  5. Italeri understood with fast built tanks, Zvezda with the same plus die-cast as well as dragon but most of the others stayed on the seventies.