Sunday, 4 March 2018

Rapid Fire! 6th Guards tank Brigade in 20mm - (Part 4) Missing Churchills for the Coldstream Guards

33 Churchills and 9 Achilles later I can consider this brigade completed. There are still missing 6 M3/M5Stuarts, two for each of the battalions but I have one dozen spread out on my two 1944 British armoured divisions and maybe I skip these ones as they can be used also in this brigade. Fortunately nowadays are great days for wargamers and two boxes of PSC will eventually solve the problem.

These last missing Churchills are the MkIV from PSC. They are sturdy and detailed models with the usual options. I added a few extras as camouflage net and Hessian tape as well as bedrolls and other stowage items.

I just couldn't resist the symbols of the 6th guards and I painted them only on the back of each tank as the front part is covered with extra protection tracks.   


Here you can see better my trick for both camouflage net and Hessian tape: The camouflage net is Noch birch leaves placed on a blob of wood glue and the Hessian tape are small rectangles of paper placed under the camouflage net.

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