Saturday, 15 February 2020

DBM Gaugamela in 20mm - The beggining of the Achaemenid Persian army

I started this army many years ago with a few touches here and there in recent days. The idea is to be able to refight Gaugamela 331 BC and by consequence all other battles of the campaign.  Darius army is the obvious oposition against Alexander's army that will  be showned soon.

The figures used here are Hat, Zvezda and Newline Design.

Here is what is done up to the moment, around 220 figures. What is necessary is something like four or five times this lot for the full Persian army of the battle even if definitive numbers vary a lot. I'll try the 1000 mark figure that will represent aproximately the 100.000 men of Darius army that modern historians say it had. 

Heavy Persian cavalry. Figures are mostly Zvezda with one Newline Design cavalry figure for stand. 

Light Persian cavalry. The figures are again Newline Design and Zvezda with some Italeri Mongol conversions with Zvezda heads. 

Apple Bearer infantry. A full Hat unit.

Albanian archers. Hat and Zvezda figures.

Sparabara infantry. A bit anachronistic but a must and helpful to beef up the ranks. Newline Design and Zvezda figures. 

Mardian archers. Hat and Zvezda.

Atropates Takabara. A full Zvezda unit.

Persian Levy infantry. All are Hat with a converted standard bearer. 

Babylonian Levy archers. Hat figures. 

Persian irregular cavalry. Everything is Zvezda.

Atropates psiloi archers. Hat and Zvezda again.

Saka psiloi. Zvezda  and Zvezda with different heads. 

Albanian javelinmen. Hat figures. 

War chariot. Newline Design.

Darius chariot with the man itself. Another nice model from Newline Design. 

Next: most probably Koboyakawa Hideaki's clan for Sekigahara 1600. 


  1. Great work JP, just what I need for inspiration for my Persians

  2. Thanks Borodino. Plastic Ancient models from nowadays are amazing. Specially zvezda.