Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Rapid Fire! NW Europe 44/45 - Winter M-24 Chaffees

The M-24 is pictured many times with the US paratroopers around December 44 . This made me finish these three that were made for years but not painted. No markings so easily adaptable for Cavalry or the light companies of the tank battalions. All models are Matchbox. 

I used winter basing to go along some of the German stuff I have like the 26th Volksgrenadier Division. 

Plenty of homemade stowage was added to the turret and rear of these tanks.

Only one Hasegawa crewman was added to the command tank of the company. The winter whitewash consists of very diluted white leaving unpainted some small areas, particularly hatches and moving parts. 

Next: Dieppe starts.


  1. Excelente trabalho como sempre, JP. Parece-me estar a reconhecer um dos M36 -:)

  2. Um ou mais eram teus de certeza, seu armamentista! Abraço

  3. JP. nice editions to your Battle of the Bulge collection. I've always like the Matchbox Chaffee model.

  4. Brilliant! The best model of my favourite tank. Just one thing missing... Telly Savalas!

  5. Thanks! Teddy Savallas and maybe some 200 more actors who performed movies in Chaffees instead of the real thing :)