Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Rapid Fire in 20mm! Filling gaps in WW2 - part 2


Now for some more Eastern Front/ Barbarossa and beyond goodies in the form of Mário Laranja resin 3d prints and one of the last Luppa aircrafts everything in 1/72nd scale. 

The Resin 3d print of the BT-7 is another marvel of detail. Some of them were printed with hatches open and crewed with Orion figures from their Modern Russian set. The horse-shoe aerial came from Fabbri T-26s as not all needed them. 

Also a DT machine gun made from scratch was pinned to the roof of the command vehicles. 

Getting ready to face the Germans at Dubno!

One of the PzIII H became a Befehlspanzer with the addition of the rear aerial railing and the repositioning of the vertical antennas. 

These ones looked to have carried many times a large wooden box held some how by the aerials. 

Also the small deflector in front of the turret was carved out as the originals. 

The gun was fake in the real one but I let the model with the original as the difference are almost non-existent. The figures on all PzIII H are PSC. 

A "Line" PzIII H. Well, these ones are also getting ready for Dubno!

The Die-cast Luppa IL-2 Sturmovik is a bit anachronistic for these 1941 tanks as it has the later two seats, while the Barbarossa period IL-2 had only one. 

Next: more gaps filled or some Epic ACW.


  1. Your additions have really added to these tanks. The end results look great.
    Regards, James

    1. Thanks James. These models already carry an enormous amount of detail but yes you can always add something :)
      Regards, JP

  2. Those 3D prints are getting better and better

    1. True Will. They will dominate the hobby very soon I think, particularly these ones made of resin which gives more detailed results than PLA. Some brands are already producing their stuff this way.

  3. Great work once again JP and the joy of the bigger scales is the ability to convert and scratch build stuff. Looking forward to more of the same:)

  4. Coleção invejável. -:)✌✌✌👌👍

  5. You´re right. This thing will dominate the hobby in a few years I presume.