Thursday, 29 July 2021

Rapid Fire in 20mm! Filling gaps in WW2 - part 3

A few more German vehicles for several periods, Blitzkrieg, Barbarossa, Western Desert and 43-45. Most of them are my friend´s Mário Laranja Resin 3d prints and the rest is MiniGeneral and S-Models.  

A few more Sdkfz 11 for towing the 75mm and 105mm guns of the DAK. They can also serve for the tows of the HG in Sicily if you ignore the specific symbols and markings. 

The drivers are my usual soft plastic torsos with Milliput arms and legs. This one is from the old school of Bodybuilding in which only one of the arms was worked out (the one necessary to punch someone). 

This is the S-Models Sdkfz 253. The usual plastic and photo-etched parts gives an incredible detailed result. The figure is PSC. 

More Sdkfz 11 for the Panzer Grey period. The original period of these is France 1940 but they can go up to the beginning of 1943 if you ignore the green jackets of the drivers.  

Nothing was left behind on Mário´s design of these models as you can see from the very complete interior. 

This Befehls PzI PLA 3d print from MiniGeneral  will go to the artillery as a FO. The PSC figure got an artillerist uniform in conformity. 

The other S-Models Sdkfz 253 was painted in the 3 colour camouflage and it was the last model I needed for the Seelow Heights book by Steve Shann. 

As a gift in Mário´s last parcel came this Opel Blitz.  A bit of Blue Board was used as the truck´s canvas cover. Don´t forget to cover the Blue Board with PVA before aplying the primer. 

Mário is a true artist! (I need to grease him as much as I can for obvious reasons!...)

Next: more of this series or a jump to France 1940, Eastern Front or HG in Sicily. 


  1. very nice mate, nice additions

  2. Great stuff and paint job. Does Mario have his own business?

  3. Thanks. He just prints for himself a few friends in 28mm and for me in 20mm. The problem is sending to GB as he needs to declare on mail, customs and such. So, unfortunately he will not send to GB or outside EU.

  4. Thanks Steve. It would be my true work if I could :)

  5. I’ve just got my first resin printed models and there is no going back now… Great work, as ever. Will you be playing any games from Seelow Heights now you’ve finished the collection? Russian front is not my thing, but the book has received very good reviews.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I hope to play Shaan's scenarios. I already have the Table set for a Normandy game but still need to finish a couple of British Priests and then i would like to make a few of seelow heights Battles. Ive been collecting information on the subject and it really looks great, not only those frontal assaults with headlights on their backs but some really interesting actions Ive never heard before.

  6. Watch “The Final Stand” - it will put you in the mood!

  7. I´ve seen it. In fact I placed a link in both Rapid Fire FB groups for people to watch it. It put me in the mood :)

  8. Great looking vehicles with marvellous additions, as ever.
    Regards, James

  9. Thanks James. These new resin prints do most of the work.

  10. I'm very impressed by your output rate and can do attitude to give a lot of unusual prototypes. Has Mario considered selling the STL files so those in the UK can buy and print their own?

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Thanks. As far as I know he is not willing to sell the STL files.