Sunday, 4 December 2022

The German Infantry Corps of 1916, Great War Spearhead rules in 20mm

This video enlarges the previous one from one division to a full corps. The miniatures are Irregular Miniatures for the artillery, Britannia for the Jagers and plastic (Airfix, Revell, Hat and Emhar) for the Infantry. The Aircraft and tanks are Vacuum-formed and Revell and Airfix kits.


  1. Splendid stuff! Has the Corps (Korps?) been deployed yet?

  2. No. They are shelves professionals :) Besides I still didn´t even read the rules but noticed they are followed by many and probably great. I have your rules, Tim, for big WW2 wargames and if I was not an hoarder of models and a bit of megalomaniac I would surely use them solo as their mechanics are simple and very enjoyable.