Friday 17 November 2023

28mm Warlord WW2 Soviet infantry

Last week, and after 7 years of patient waiting,  I painted a box of 40 Warlord WW2 Soviet infantry for my friend JMM. All figures became different from one another as both the sprues of bodies and weapons easily allows for it. 

The figures are very good, even if time consuming at assembling due to separate weapons that sometimes are tricky to glue to the arms. Here one of the officers became an NKVD officer, a kind of psychologist,  specialist at persuasion. 

Only two figures got converted. One of the laying down bodies became a radio/telephone operator with extra radio and telephone made out of EverGreen plastic. The other other is the obvious Vassily Zaitzev with a cape made of tissue paper. 

 The Soviet standard uniform (L) was painted with Vallejo Russin uniform while the Telogreika was painted with Vallejo Grey Brown. I painted them as I paint my 20mm figures: black spray as primer; followed by the main colors; then, main colors with 50% white all mixed. The helmets get a bit of metal color mixed with dark green as somehow they become more lively.