Thursday, 3 March 2016

American War of Independence - Will McNally's rules - Brandywine historical houses

Now for some freshly painted Brandywine houses. The Gettysburg houses still on the wargame table can finally be replaced. From left to right. Chad's House (opposing Knyphausen division), Birmingham Meeting house (place for the local Quaker meetings and of the most furious fighting of the day) and Benjamin Ring's House (Washington HQ).

I also painted the Hessian Jägers just to keep pace with the many units yet to be built. These are Revell Prussian and Austrian SYW with muskets shortened to look like rifles and the cartridge pouch moved from the back to the waist.


Benjamin Ring's house from the back with a view to the well.

The way my houses are built: just card, wood from icecream sticks and Styrofoam. Some basic calculations and good and plenty Internet pictures makes the rest.