Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Rapid Fire! Russian Contemporary Wars in 1/72nd scale - SS-25 Topol and a few extras.

Somewhere inside Russia, Putin orders the powerful SS-25 Topol to change its location. Some support vehicles and tank protection follows. You can never know when separatists may strike...

The 4D SS-25 Topol is the last offer of this nice Chinese company. Its a tough competitor for the Zvezda kit but only at a fraction of the price. This one is around 18 Euros, directly from China, free post, while the Zvezda is something around 50 Euros.

Comparing with the S-300 models of 4D its a much more complicated model with many dozen pieces, specially in its chassis. 

The model was painted with the Russian modern range paints from Mig. 

If such a thing will be ever used at wargames? Probably not but you can always threaten your wargaming opponent with an ICBM...

To go along the Topol or to tow or carry some heavy stuff I repainted these Fabbri MAZ-535. I have a few aside to be converted to the MAZ-537 tank transporter.

Finally, I also repainted a Die-cast Zvezda T-90 with the new (at least for me) Mig colours and a figure copied in GreeStuff with Blue Stuff... companies are getting less and less imaginative with names...


  1. Wow! 60 euro for Zvezda "topol"! Sumebody's making money with that. Russian online shops sell it for 23...
    As always, the models are nice, very epic!

    1. Thanks Venechka. For me, Zvezda is the best plastic company around. Its a pity that here they were taking advantage of that and some shops had crazy prices for it.

  2. I saw 2D version of that 4D SS-25 topol so I can say that it's REALLY good job!

  3. I don't use this word often but that really is...awesome

  4. Thanks SRD, don't know if its that awesome but BIG is for sure.