Sunday, 14 April 2019

Rapid Fire! France 1940 in 20mm - FCM 36s and AMR-35s directly from the printers of MiniGeneral.

In a place called Carrefour-de-la-Belle-Maison (please don't look for it) the French try another counter attack in June 1940 with the remnants of its two battalions of FCM 36 and several GRDI AMR-35. All this happen in June obviously because of the presence of a late SAu 40 in the top left corner freshly arrived from the factory...

All models are 3d prints from the new Portuguese brand MiniGeneral by Sirocco. The FCM 36 is a beauty with only four parts. I added the usual figure in a few of them and some chains both in front and back as usual with this tanks. 

The painting of this lot is inspired in the Trackstory No 7. The figure is Lancer.

The French flag was seen in these tanks in the rear door/commander's seat.

In other tanks the figure is a GreenStuff copy of the Skytrex French tank commander.

Same for the AMR 35 seen here in three of the variants. Small additons are the vertical antennae and open hatches. In fact the one to the left doesn't need it as it is a command variant and has its own separate hatch.

The line up of the AMR 35 family: From left to right, AMR 35 ADF-1 Squadron Co; AMR 35 Platoon Co; AMR 35 with 7,5mm MG AVIS-1 turret; AMR 35 with 13mm MG AVIS-2 turret and AMR 35 ZT2 with 25mm AT gun.

You can see clearly the rivets on this AMR 35 which means that these 3d prints are getting better and better.

The ADF version received the old Matchbox crew man with new arms from PSC. The antenna is a separate part in this model.

Finally the SAu 40. Also four pieces with all detail and proportions inside. Since the news of its usage in combat (by at least one SAu 40) we have the perfect excuse to have it!

Next: Soviet T-34 1940.


  1. Thanks Will. Give a try at these models. You will not regret it.

  2. Some very nice models added to your collection.

  3. Thanks Peter. It looks 3d is the way.

  4. Bom trabalho JP. Já tens os franceses quase todos...