Thursday, 17 June 2021

British Armoured Division(s) in 20mm, Normandy 1944, for Rapid Fire!

This video shows a full Sherman equipped Brigade as the basis for whether the Guards or the 11th AD (it can also be one the Sherman equipped independent armoured brigades if you ignore the numbers on the Arm of service). Also present is another Cromwell equipped Brigade that allows to portray the 7th AD and the 6th Guards Tank Brigade with its Churchill tanks.

Next: German bits for several projects.


  1. Nice work JP, where do you store it all? My wife complains about the size of my collection which she can't see because it is mainly in the attic (up a ladder to get there), but she particularly comments when I buy more storage boxes.

    1. Thanks Will. Im lucky enough by having a relatively big basement to store everyrhing. Of course cabinets are on top of each other defying the laws of physics.