Saturday, 25 November 2017

Rapid Fire! 6th Guards Tank Brigade in 20mm - Part 1, 4th Tank Battalion Grenadier Guards

Ready for Operation Bluecoat  the 4th GG advances with each company of Churchills acompanied by a troop (a model) of Achilles TD.
I call this Battalion the Airfix Battalion as all ten 75mm tanks are Airfix. In the near future I'll show you the other two battalions. One is Esci/PSC (Coldstream Guards) and the other is Frontline Wargaming (Scots Guards).
The only non-Airfix model is the 95mm CS Churchill which is a conversion on the Frontline Wargaming model with Britannia crew. The Co of the battalion has a small British flag for ease of recognition.
Both the symbol of the 6th GTB and the battalion markings were added as well as the company symbols.  
I cut the frontal fenders in some of the Churchills and I should have done it on more as  many were like this in the NW campaign of 1944/45.
Other Churchills have the PSC figure from their A9 tank. I also added petrol drums to the rear of some of them. The camouflage net/Hessian tape was made in GW GreenStuff.
To the rear of others I placed what was at hand to make them all different.
After some nice conversations with RF! enthusiasts on Fb I decided to place one Achilles TD per company. The three allocated from the RA to this battalion are metal Skytrex.


  1. An impressive force- always liked the Churchill.



    1. Me too.they may be slow and a bit Ugly but we like them!

  2. Great Tanks and I love the hand painted insignia

    1. Thanks Chris. Insignia makes them look less prehistorical tanks :)

  3. Great force. Keep them coming an good work JP.

    Best Regards.