Saturday, 18 November 2017

Rapid Fire! Russian Contemporary Wars in 20mm - Butler's Printed Models T-64BV

 A few more good models from BPM. These T-64BV easy to clean,  and quite detailed. I only added the antennae, some stowage, figures and the small basket for the discarded MG ammo cases. The only problem with these printings is generally around the tubes of the MG's always too large but on the other hand quite robust.
Due to the amount and time for printing these models become more expensive than most of other BPM models  (11.50 pounds) while a M113 APC is less than half price (5 pounds) probably due to its simplicity.
Next: The  British 6th Guards Tank Brigade in Normandy or some F-16 for the Portuguese Airforce.


  1. They have painted up nicely. I've looked at the range in the past but not gone for any as I'd not seen any painted. Give the quality job you've done on them I think I'll take the plunge on a few bits.



  2. Hi Pete. There are always those seams on the plastic that would be great if they didn't exist but taking that fact and the fatty MG's they are very good wargame models.